President's Message

Welcome to the PMI Northeast Florida Website. We are happy that you are visiting.

The chapter is active with events for guests and members to attend. Look around the site, come back again and see if an event catches your eye and you find values.

Sign up and attend the sessions. Provide the board with feedback. We love to hear from you.

The 2021/2022 years Strategic Plan is to understand and implement the Global PMI Strategy 4.0. The 4 pillars of the strategy are:

  1. Expanding Communities – all ages 5-95, becoming transformational leaders
  2. Integrated Social Impact – Education Foundation, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, Youth
  3. Coalition of Associations - Reach broader markets, make more partnerships
  4. B2B Advocacy, B2C Enablement – Offer to the community what matters, work smarter, expand communities.

The overall goal with PMI’s vision is to have a 10x impact to the community, to the country, to the world. Each of the Board members has defined goals to support the Strategic Plan.
The Chapter involvement in these pillars are integral for PMI to reach its vision.

If this plan intrigues you, come to one of our dinner meetings or events, seek out a board member and ask questions. Looking forward to talking to you soon

Cheryl Reynolds