Professional Development Through Meaningful Discussion
Our mission is to allow our professional community to expand their knowledge, connect with peers and earn professional development credits (PDUs) towards a new certification.

Leadership, Technical and Business Acumen PDUs

3-4 PDUs Monthly

Network with Jacksonville Professionals

2-3 Monthly Meetings

Increase Knowledge with Curated Selections

12 Books Yearly

What is Double-Booked Book Club?

DBBC is a virtual-based professional development book club located in Jacksonville, Florida. The books we read are non-fiction and focus on business and self-help topics. We seek professional development through the meaningful discussion - join us today! 

2023 Book Club Sessions
Who can join Double-Booked?

Double-Booked participation is not restricted by membership to PMI or global location.

  • Members and Non-Members of PMI may register for Double-Booked monthly sessions and events.
  • We are a virtual-based book club - if you can access Zoom links you can participate in most Double-Booked events.

Current members include readers from South Florida, Ohio, New Mexico and California. You are in great company! 


What is included when I join?
  • Cost: Participating in the book club does not include the cost for the book. You will be expected to cover those costs yourself. Audiobooks, Ebooks and using your local library are always options as well.
  • Session: Each session spans over 5 weeks and will have 1-3 meetings you can join for PDUs, networking and content discussions. For more information on the specifics of each type of meeting, see below:
Readathon Meet-Ups

In-Person Meetups (Jacksonville, FL) 

1-2 Hours

Intended as an opportunity for members to set aside time and read the book for the session, as well as a networking opportunity.

These meetings are not standard in a session, they are scheduled on an as-needed basis if we have selected a long book, or a book that has not been recorded as an audiobook. 

Final Discussion Meetings

Final Review of discussion questions and discuss takeaways from the content.

1-2 Hours

1-2 PDUs

Will include relating content back to Project Management, identifying takeaways and discussing ways to implement what we have learned in our professional lives. This meeting is standard for each session, any change to the time or date will be communicated through the BookClubs app after registeration. 

Fireside Chat Events

A PMI-NEFL chapter event hosted by the Double-Booked Book Club. 

1 hour, 1 PDU

A virtual chat with an author of one of the selected books, or a featured speaker for the book club, focusing on the topic of the monthly session. This is an opportunity for book club members to ask questions about the topic and explore the topic further. 

These meetings are not standard and are held when possible and when deemed valuable to the chapter and book club members. 

When and Where Does Double-Booked Meet? 

We meet 1-3 times over a 5 week session. Progress Check-Ins and Final Discussions will be held virtually, other meetings (see descriptions above) may be virtual, hybrid or in-person events. In-person event location information will be given in the event description at the time of registration. 

How do I join Double-Booked? 
Monthly Sessions: Register under the desired month in the events calendar, or follow the link to the month you would like to register for in the "2023 Book Club Sessions" page to the left of this screen.
Fireside Chats: Register for the event in the Events calendar. As a Double-Booked member you are eligible for a discount - this will be shared in the BookClubs app at the DBBC Administrators discretion. 

Upcoming Double-Booked Events

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Please reach out if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist!

DBBC Administrators

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