January - February 2024

Embracing Inclusive Leadership

Minette Norman will delve into the profound essence of inclusion—a vital aspect of leadership often underestimated. Drawing from her expertise, she'll unravel the importance of ensuring individuals feel heard, seen, and respected within organizational landscapes.

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March - April

Mastering Transformative Change

This final discussion promises a deep dive into Comstock's strategies for becoming a "change maker" and instigating transformation within companies and careers. Prepare to explore the messy, uncertain, yet exhilarating journey of reinventing the status quo.

Whether you seek to lead change in your organization or aspire to challenge conventional norms, "Imagine It Forward" offers a roadmap toward innovation and transformative leadership. Let's come together for an enlightening conversation on mastering change in the face of uncertainty!

Sessions, topics and area of focus are subject to change at any time.