PMI requires that each chapter review its By Laws periodically. Your Board of Directors has recently completed this review. Proposed changes have been reviewed by PMI and are reflected in the 2018 Chapter By Laws document. The next step in the process is for the Chapter Memebership to approve the updated document. In the next few weeks you will receive an electronic ballot from PMI. Please signify your approval by completing the ballot when it arrives.

Significant Changes:

  1. Modified Board member term limits to allow no more than 10 consecutive years as a Board member.
  2. At the recommendation of PMI, moved non-required Board positions from By Laws to policy & procedure document. 
  3. Renamed Secretary to VP Administration.
  4. Moved Board of Directors start date from 1 January to 1 April. Elections shall be held in January each year.

Download the proposed 2018 Chapter By Laws below:


Download the 2014 Chapter By Laws below: