Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I claim PDUs for Dinner meetings and other Chapter Events?

A.  Unless you are told otherwise by an instructor for a specific workshop or course, you must claim your PDUs via the site. For more info and FAQ's about PDUs and the Online PDU Reporting system (CCR), please refer to the PMI FAQs

Q. When I register for an event, why am I not seeing a discounted rate?

A. There could be several reasons why you are not seeing a discounted rate.

  1. You might not be logged into the site (see upper-right corner of the web page)
  2. Your membership with might not be current
  3. The window for early registration discount (if available) may have expired
  4. There may not be a discounted rate available for the particular event you are registering for
Q. Who can I contact if I am having problems registering for a PMI NEFL event?

A. Please use our Help Desk form if you are having any issues or problems related to the site.

Q. I am a member of another local PMI Chapter but I am now living in Jacksonville, Can I transfer membership to NEFL PMI?

A. Membership can be transferred from one chapter to other w/o any additional cost to the PMI member.  This can be done in two different ways: 

  • Call PMI customer care number (+1 610 356 4600) and follow the prompts for membership services. Customer care person can transfer membership to the new chapter, OR
  • Send an e-mail request to Be sure to send using the e-mail address which is associated with your PMI profile
Q. I don't seem to be getting emails from PMI NEFL about upcoming events and info, what should I do?

A. There are multiple possible reasons you are not seeing emails from PMI-NEFL.

1. For starters, review your profile that is set up on PMI with the site  (We do not maintain separate account info for the Chapter members, it is all maintained via the PMI database). Make sure that the email address associated with your profile is current, and also that "Northeast Florida" is listed as your local chapter.  

2. If your profile looks to be current and with the correct info, please fill out a Help Desk form and we will make sure your subscription info is enabled.

3. If all of the above steps have not worked, it is still possible that our email communications are being flagged as SPAM, either by your company, service provider or your local email client. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that and we would encourage you to either A) change the email account that is associated with your profile, or B) follow us on Social Media to stay up-to-date on news and events. Our primary Social Media channels are: